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The Late Hamdi Sinwan: By Michael Bangar

The Late Mr Hamdi Bin Sinwan is in the centre with writer Michael Bangar on the left.

A Tribute:

A tribute here for our dearly departed brother in music - the late strolling vocalist and guitarist Mr Hamdi Bin Sinwan who left us on 23 April 2018. He had been unwell and out of action these past few years. 

For those of you who don't know him, Mr Hamdi has been a Strolling Musician almost all of his many many years in the Singapore music scene. Based on information he shared with us strolling trios, he was a member of strolling trios like Los Amigos, Los Santos, Los Pintos, Los Chicos and others. 

He shared the stage with almost all of the well known strolling musicians here. He performed with them in some of the major hotels and restaurants from Orchard Road to the Marina Square area and neighbouring countries.

A very gifted musical talent, brother Hamdi sang and played excellent lead and rhythm on his acoustic nylon-stringed guitar. His range covered many musical genres and his repertoire stretched through many decades. 

Besides English and Spanish, he also sang in many languages like Italian, German, Korean, Hindi, and our 3 local languages and dialects. He had been involved in some daytime busking at Wheelock Place, Orchard Road. Some of you might have seen him perform solo there. He stopped when his illness made him lose his voice.

A true musical talent that is going to be sadly missed by all who knew and played with him.  Salutĕ!


R.I.P. Hamdi.

Written by Michael Bangar.
The image and article have been copyrighted.


This tribute is published because Michael Bangar personally knows the deceased and because we care. If for any reason there are objections to this posting, please write on the Comment page, and this message will be deleted.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jilted (负心的人), Tang Lan Hua (汤兰花), Quests EP

Jilted (负心的人- literal: an ungrateful man) has been covered by numerous artistes. The song is a delectable piece of musical composition. Chinese recording companies had been exploiting it for its popularity and there were many pirated versions made, especially with a classic that could sell.

I happened to have one copy, bought from Sungei Road (a dear-departed flea market). It was difficult to keep track of a vinyl that had been in cold storage for many years but here's some information.
Released in 1968, the song with its memorable tune was recorded by Taiwanese lady singer Tang Lan Hua (汤兰花) and composed by Li Jun (李翊君). She sang only this one number on the soundtrack of the movie.  With it, she became an overnight celebrity as the music and message connected with lovers all over Asia. 

In Singapore, many nightclubs, usually patronised by Chinese businessmen would play this melody.  There were other versions of the original lyrics but the title theme and melody remained unchanged. 

Apparently, it was recorded in many languages with even a Cambodian translation. The origin of this song is Japanese and the version provided by FB friend, Hiroshi Deguchi has been posted below.
The original version of Jilted (负心的人), theme song by ROC. Thank you.

Throughout the years, upbeat and brighter versions were recorded. Huang Ching Ren covered it with a host of other Chinese singers.  Female songstress Sammi Kao and a few others did a more upbeat recording. 

The Quests made it a hit with an instrumental rendition, together with, Tears (), Flower Of Tears (源的小花) and My Lost Dream (尋夢的人), on an EP (image).  

The movie itself was the talk of the town and shown for weeks at the cinemas in town. Like other movies those years with romantic images of young couples and sweet surrender, the Asian circuit of pop music had similar traits with Western shows. Tear-jerking movies, especially in the 60's sold like char kway teow.

An original article by A Lim.
The Quests instrumental version of, Jilted (负心的人) which became a hit too.
YouTube Video by eosyeo.

From Facebook Friend Hiroshi Deguchi. Thank you, Hiroshi:

"This is the original Onna No Taneiki sung by Mori Shinnichi. He once lived in the same city as I do now. His former classmate in his high school days said he kept singing and singing on the bus during their school trip and never gave the microphone away.

This is the original 'Onna No Taneiki' sung by Mori Shinnichi in Japanese. Video from lu Lulu.

Mori Shinnichi comes from a poor family and was brought up by his mother. He is very considerate of his brothers and sisters because the family had to endure during their younger days. He sent his younger brother to medical school which qualified him as a doctor. 

I think his best song is Erimo Misaki."
Ms Tang Lan Hua (汤兰花)
At 17 years, because of her exotic beauty and a good voice, her teacher suggested that she took part in a singing competition. She won the championship and was selected to act and sing the theme song in the movie, The Ungrateful Person.

Images: Google
Videos: YouTube.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Malaysian General Election 2018 Zainal Alam Advice 1955 Lagu Mengundi



This posting is not a propaganda to vote for any party in Malaysia. I have no interest in politics but love this song as it was played daily on the radio during election time in 1955. I was only 15 but remember it well.

Malayan Broadcast:

Before Singapore gained its independence in 1965, radio broadcast coming from Malaya was nothing special and many Singaporeans listened to the news and entertainment provided. So when the Malayan elections were about to be held on July 27th in 1955, announcements on the radio were common. It wasn't the election that attracted me but the song, composed by a humorous, radio personality called Zainal Alam.
Zainal Alam:

He had a successful career in broadcasting in Malaya and to improve himself took up a Government Management Program in the USA. According to a website, "his course-mate friend was John F. Kennedy" who later became the President.  Besides Malay, Zainal speaks the local languages and dialects. In fact, his version of Rose, Rose I Love You has verses in Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

*Pak Lam as they called him was talented and versatile. Before singer and wife of P. Ramlee became famous as Saloma she was a.k.a. Salmah Ahmad and was Zainal's backup singer. It finally led up to him composing a song about her Even P. Ramlee was unable to name any of his songs after Saloma.  Ramlee composed Azizah, Hamidah, Zubaidah but no Saloma. That was Zainal Alam's influence and popularity those years.

'The Voting Song' In English with part of the lyrics below. Video from: PakLongKlasik. Thank you.

The Message:

He wrote humorous songs and peppered them using colloquial catchphrases that everybody understood. One of his songs I love was Vote, VoteVote. I searched for it on YouTube, and after so many years found it, posted by PakLongKlasik. Below are the lyrics in the English version. 

It was an attractive jingle and played like a commercial day and night before election time, encouraging the populace to vote wisely. Psychologically as most commercials do, these tunes stick in the head. Plain brainwashing... But it was good advice, and still is.

The Voting Song
By Mr Zainal Alam

Vote vote vote, everybody vote
Remember 27th is the day
Don't forget that you must not delay
Vote wisely vote with care everybody vote

Polling day all over Malaya
27th of July of this year
Remember to go and vote my dear
Good for you and good for me
People of Malaya

When you vote you must vote wisely
What people say you 'jangan peduli' (don't bother)
Use your head think very carefully
Because once you vote
There is no 'lagi sa-kali' (one more time)

Your vote counts in a democracy
When you vote you vote in secrecy
Go and vote for your candidate
Go  there early, mark correctly
Don't you hesitate

Forgotten to bring your identity card
If you do then voting is not hard
That is all I have got to say
If you have a vote then 
Use it on Polling Day

In Malay: Mari Mengundi Pilihanraya Pertama Tanah Melayu 1955 Video NIEI TV

Image: Google.
YouTube Video by wgc26.
*This edited piece of information is from YouTube contributor zainulazizan.

Friday, April 13, 2018

E-bikes, E-scooters, PMDs: Are No Easy Riders. Dangerous?

Dangerous Machines?

For many years vehicles can weave a dangerous path if they speed on our roads but even with the traffic cops so tough and legislation so strict, we still have our share of accidents. 

Today what has been occurring on the roads is now happening on our pedestrian paths, footpaths or five-foot way, perhaps on a different level but the dangers are there. The authorities are not taking action fast enough.

These motorised two-wheelers are 
hogging the roads and pedestrian walkways. PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices), e-bikes, motorised bicycles, push-scooters, mopeds and self-balancing-electric scooters can be very dangerous if not properly controlled.
Stay safe, light up your machine

It's fine if riders follow the rules but situations are uneasy because four factors are felt when they use their machines indiscriminately on footpaths. Riders travel:

1) like greased lightnin',

2) at night without lights,

3) without a bicycle bell,

4) without a crash helmet.

Anyone could suffer injuries if knocked down. For Seniors, it can be fatal!  According to the newspapers, a few were in trouble.  
Shouldn't riders go through a training course before they are allowed to use them in public? 

Are we going to wait for more accidents to occur before tighter legislation is enforced?  The machines aren't dangerous if the riders are careful.
E-Scooters must have bells too. 'Bike Bell Sound Effect' Video by Audio Enabled. Thank You.

Riders Beware. You Must:

a) Watch out for pedestrians all the time,
b) Control machine well,
c) Move carefully,
d) Have a bicycle bell,
e) Wear reflective clothes.
f) Wear a crash helmet.

Glorified Machines?

Many pop songs from the west glorify motorcycles but forget the dangers these machines could pose on their riders and others.  

Remember some of these songs from the 60's and 70's about motorcycles?

Vincent Black Lightning -Richard Thompson -1952

Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las - 1964
Little Honda - The Hondells - 1964

The Motor Cycle Song - Arlo Guthrie - 1967
Born To Be Wild -Steppenwolf - 1968
Ballad of Easy Rider - Roger McGuinn - 1969

Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers - 1970
Eazy Rider - Jimi Hendrix - 1971
Too Old To Rock, Too Young To Die - Jethro Tull - 1976

Bat Out of Hell - Meat Loaf - 1977
Born To Lose - Motorhead/Ironhorse - 1977
Motor Cycle Mama - Neil Young - 1978
How nice if all of us had some decency and think of others on our footpaths.
'Little Honda' by The Beach Boys. Video by Bonneville66. Thank you.

It is a bit of an exaggeration to compare huge motor-bikes to our motorised two-wheelers but the end result could be similar, that is, people may get hurt because the machine can be dangerous if the driver isn't careful.


1) Click Comment page below to read.

2) According to many readers, Singapore does not have a bicycle culture. Read this connection:

Images/Gif: Google.
YouTube: Video.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Thank You For Being A Friend To 3 Ladies We Met

For the 3 people, I met from another Asian city, I'd like to thank them for the gifts they sent via snail mail, which arrived so quickly; it was just a week after meeting them.


An illustration of the 3 ladies I met during my walk around my environment.

I happened to be doing my daily walk and saw three foreign, Asian ladies taking pictures of the area. I asked them politely why they were so interested in the place. 

They spoke in English and exclaimed that they used to live in Singapore and loved the island with its peaceful environment. I volunteered to take their pictures for them. I introduced them to my wife and in that magic moment we all became friends and promised to keep in touch. That was only some days ago.

Lo and behold, a few evenings later we received golden packages sent to my doorsteps. We thank them for the beautiful and useful gifts they sent. Such lovely presents for a simple gesture. How can we forget?
Thank You For Being A Friend: Andrew Gold. YouTube Video by Moneer Alrawahna.

There's usually a song for every occasion. So for my three new friends from a faraway place, the song's for you...

(Comparatively, Singapore's very safe but for ladies who travel on their own, do be careful.  Low crime doesn't mean no crime. Just a cautionary advice.)

Images: Google.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Andy 60's Music: 80,000+ Monthly, 1.7 Million To Date

7 APRIL 2018

This blog has surpassed the 70,000+ monthly readers currently, reaching 80,000 views on 6 March 2018. It has been holding steady with 30,000+ viewers for some time. Since February 2018 it has doubled in readership.

The total viewers since 10 April 2018 is 1.7 million.

Understandably the statistics will fluctuate but hopefully, it will go higher and without any help from anyone except my regular readers, friendly writers, and readers from all over the world. Again thank you.

Blog views: April 2018



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Andy 60's Music Trivia 2018 - Fun 1


All answers can be found on this blog.
Don't get dementia. Crack your brains.
Try some questions now, relevant to local pops only:

1. Two Quests members have passed away. Name one of them?

2.  What was the name of Sakura Teng's singing partner on stage?

3. Which Singapore pop group recorded the song, You're The Boy?

4. Which Singapore pop group recorded the instrumental, Selina?

5. Were the Crescendos a vocal or guitar group?

6. Name the lead guitarist for Naomi and The Boys.

7. What was the name of P. Ramlee's wife?

8. Were the Gaylads a vocal or guitar group?

9. Name the most popular hit song by The Thunderbirds.

10. Henry Chua from The Quests composed which instrumental hit?

11. Which song did the Malay pop group The Swallows make famous?

12. Which Malay singer recorded the Oscar-winning song, Born Free?

13.  Name a famous theatre in Singapore where many Singapore bands had performed?

14. Was Larry Lai a well-known singer, DJ or dancer in Singapore?

15. What was Sunny Low famous for in Singapore's entertainment circle?

Write your answers by clicking on the Comment page below.

No prizes but keeps your noggin' goin'.

Images from Google.


1. Jap Chong and Reggie Verghese

2. Rita Chao or Ling Yuan

3. The Silver Strings with Shirley Nair

4. The Dukes

5. A vocal group

6. Robert Suriya.

7. Saloma

8. A Vocal group

9. My Lonely Heart

10. Shanty

11. La Obe

12. Sugiman Jahuri

13. National Theatre.

14. DJ with Rediffusion.

15. Sonny Low dancers.